Saturday, July 9, 2011

Writing and rewriting...

So, I thought I was ready to tackle this big fantasy piece that I have been working on, off an on, for ten years.  I get finished with the notes for the thing and ready for the re-write.

And, I stall.  I peck at the story, do a few pages, tell myself that it is ok, I can do more later, and do more later...Finally, I gave up.  I have put the story back into the drawer in my mind and started work on something else.  And, in that short time, I have been cranking out more than a few pages, so I am not completely pissed at myself for doing it.

Yet, there is that part of me that thinks, why did you let yourself be talked out of continuing with that other story?

I can't answer that.  All I do know is that I couldn't work on that other piece.  It is just how my mind works when it comes to writing.  There are things I have to work on and the last piece will get its time in the sun.

Currently I'm working on a sci-fi novel.  It is much like the other one I have worked on, which is making the rounds at publishers and I hope it is picked up by someone.  If it isn't, I might, just might, try and do the self-publishing thing again.  The last time, it tanked.  Yet, that was right before this giant explosion in e-books.  So, I might be able to get in on it.  OR, I will sink again without a ripple.

Anyway, back to the grindstone.